About Us

Antenna77, LLC doing business as Mr Antenna in Cincinnati has been professionally installing TV, amature (ham), and other antennas since 2013.

Mounting antennas on a chimney is the best option because:

  • It puts the antenna up high (higher is almost always better than lower for reception).
  • It doesn’t require any holes in the roof or house.

Traditional chimney mounts take too long to install and aren’t very strong. Blake UK recognized and addressed these issues in 2003 by introducing the Stack Strap Chimney Mount. It’s:

  • Significantly faster and easier to install.
  • Much stronger than traditional chimney mounts.
  • So popular in the United Kingdom that they’ve sold over 200,000 units.

Antenna77, LLC doing business as ChimneyMounts.com has been the North American distributor of the Stack Strap product since 2014.

Our goal is to make you a satisfied client by making your antenna installation easier. We look forward to helping any way we can.

John Daniell